M1 Seats

    Linea Seat

    TÜV – Tested M1
    • High rigid 
    • Low priced
    • Easy-care
    • Robust
    • 3-point-seatbelt integrated

    VanX Seat

    TÜV – Tested M1
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Integrated 3 point seat belt
    • Adjustable head rest
    • With ISO-Fix

    Sicom2 Seat

    TÜV – Tested M1
    • High rigid or adjustable backrest
    • Integrated 3 point seat belt
    • Integrated head rest

    Flexus Seat

    TÜV – Tested M1
    • High rigid
    • Integrated 3 point seat belt
    • Height and angle-adjustable head rest

    TAF Seat

    TÜV – Tested M1
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Integrated 3 point seat belt
    • Integrated head rest

    Lift Products


    Horizontally folding platform

    The horizontally folding platform [option OWU003] offers improved rearward vision to the driver. Thanks to its reduced height, it is perfectly suited to vehicles with reduced roof level.


    Lifts with solid platform

    The DH-PH2 is a twin-arms lift, suitable for mounting inside the rear doors of a wide range of Multi Passenger Vehicles, minibuses, and ambulance vehicles.


    Lifts with vertically folding platform

    The vertical split platform [option OWU002] offers a much improved rearward vision to the driver, a fast escape route in case of emergency and an easy access to the vehicle interior (e.g. to load and unload luggage).

    Cassette LIFT


    The DH-CH104 is a slim cassette lift that allows installation under the side door of panel vans and minibuses, also on those models with reduced underfloor height. All the movements of the lift are automatic and controlled by a 4 button remote control. The lift can be mounted in class M1 vehicles. 


    XS Wheelchair Ramp
    • M1 (20G) tested
    • Emergency opening from inside the vehicle
    • Light operation by gas spring support
    • Ramp entrance with adapting fl aps and rubber edge
    • Auto lock for easy operation without
    • Quick out locking System for quick disassembly of the ramp

    Other Products

    Aluminium floor system

    TÜV – Tested: M1 & M2
    • Modular aluminium floor system 
    • Simply click in profiles to realize almost any vehicle floor layout


    TÜV Tested: M1 & M2
    • Modular rail system
    • All common types of vans
    • Disabled transport vehicles
    • Special vehicles
    • Motor homes

    Restraint System

    TÜV Tested in accordance with ISO 10542 and DIN 75078-2 standards
    • 4 retractors at the price of a standard system + time saved + convenience
    • 4-fold-fitting with double locking devices + safety
    • metal housing for retractors + product life + protection

    Belt pillar with headrest

    TÜV Tested
    • Protection by the headrest in the event of rear impact crash
    • Easy to use and simple to operate
    • Belt pillar can be configured for right and left
    • Headrest can be rotated by 180°

    TAF Seat

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